Thursday, December 01, 2011

Introducing... new stuff, and giving things away.

Hello my friends.
I've been pondering (probably not what you've been pondering pinky) about what to do with my blog, and I've come up with something.

The plan is this:
My new sketch blog is now here on tumblr. I will be posting on it at least 4 times a week until otherwise noted.  My sketch theme for December is "my sketchbook idea generator".

What does that mean you ask? I'll let you know next Thursday, here on Manelle Oliphant Illustration.

In Fact, I will be posting on this blog on every Thursday, also until otherwise noted.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL (I know the all caps are annoying but sometimes I just can't help it)

I also want to introduce to you my new card shop and print shop. And to celebrate the fun I'm having my first ever blog giveaway.

(I kinda love giveaways, even though I've never won anything.)

Here is what you can win.

Yes it's true, three whole signed Manelle Oliphant Illustration prints. They are in two sizes one 5.75x8.5 and two 13x8.5 prints.  (not standard frame sizes, nor are they the new and improved prints you can find in the shop.)

To enter here is what you have to do.
1. Comment on this post before midnight on Monday December 5)
2. Tweet or Facebook status a link to this blog post.


Then I'll pick the winner randomly by putting your comment number in a hat. Then we'll have some kind of email get together where in get some into and mail the prints. (awesome!)

I'll announce the winner next Thursday here on this blog.

Ok one more thing.
I just happen to have more than one of those lovely little prints up there so I'm planning on having this give away each week for the next five. So if you keep checking back you have five chances to win. (Why not make it big, we are launching a whole new thing here?)

AND NOW THAT'S ALL for today. Don't forget to check out the shops (cards, prints), my new sketch blog , and start commenting.


  1. I fully support this whole thing... except for the Tumblr part. I can't see Tumblr sites from work at all.

  2. How exciting! I have been watching your blog for years and my girls have a couple of your prints that they picked up at the Magna Arts Festival.

  3. It's like a carnival of art! - an art-nival!

  4. Love these! I'm all about supporting local artists! I love the Pandora's Box piece!

  5. We should only be so lucky as to ever have Manelle art in our casa! Posting to FB stat!

  6. Thank you!
    I love your artwork!

    I shared this post on FB and Twitter:!/DianaAult/status/142700170478485504

  7. I've followed your blog for some time and always enjoy seeing your artwork! (I tweeted a link, too) :)

  8. Sounds fantastic!x :)

    facebooked here:

    tweeted here:!/craftofboredom

    I've been following you for awhile but I never got the chance to say that I absolutely love your work!x :D

  9. Keep up the good work Manelle

  10. Anonymous5:13 PM

    This is a comment! -Carver

  11. Thanks you guys for your comments. It's nice to hear from some of you that have been around a while but haven't commented. I'll announce the winner on Thursday.



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