Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Thanksgiving Illustration and my BIFF's

So tell you what it has been a while since me last post. I've been so busy, it has slipped my mind. So here is some stuff that's been going on.
First of all here is my entry for the latest SCBWI illustrator contest. We were supposed to draw two children who are invited to a Thanksgiving dinner they weren't too excited about eating.
I think my idea is hilarious, so look close I hope you get the joke too. And I'll be honest I didn't get the stuffing reference myself until I was in the middle of painting it. (maybe that is why it was so funny to me, hmm...)

Also I had the great fun of attending another SCBWI conference. I love conferences. There is always so much to learn, and cool people to meet. And everyone I talk to gets the random references to obscure children's book I might make.
Here is a picture of me with some of the great people I met, and my BIFF's (best illustrator friends forever)

My good friend Shawna has written a great post about the conference on our other blog check it out. CBBFI
Soon I'll have more to post including some of the theatre posters I have been working on. So check back again soon.


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