Thursday, May 24, 2007

Farm Girl

Here is a piece I recently finished. I did it for fun really. I think it turned out.The doll the girl is holding is my actual doll. It has made it in a lot of illustrations over the years.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Snow White's step mother, a bad neighbor.

The seven dwarfs would probably make great neighbor's but they are not featured in this picture.

I got inspired to do this drawing because I Jenn's version of Snow White the other day. It got me in the mood to do snow white. Have a look at her's here.
It is beautifully painted.
Obviously mine is not like her's which is good because then what would be the point. I mean really snow white has been done tons of times, and will be done again, so why make it the same right?

Any critiques would be great to hear. I wanted it to be mostly monochromatic so the apple would stand out. At first I toyed with the idea of just having value and the only color red but then I decided to go with green. My sister says there it too much green, so I don't know (she is only 8 but I still think her opinion is probably valid). I also wanted to show Snow White's big dilemma so we got the queen and the apple. Maybe I should make the Mirror stand out more. What do you guys think?

(p.s. really this has nothing to do with the IF theme but I can never get them done in time. this would have been much better for remember. Oh well, you can look at it anyway.)


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