Friday, October 10, 2008

Strings, and Strange Oliphant Brother Hobbies

I just finished this painting this week, I'm so glad it went with the Illustration Friday theme since I haven't had time lately to do anything for it.
It's a painting of my violin made by my dad.

Violin making is his hobby. Our garage is full of so full of wood working saws, and tools that as far as I can remember we've never parked a car in it once. It's fun to go out and see him working away at violins and other projects. Every year he donates a violin to the Utah state folk and blue grass festival as the first prize in the fiddling contest. His brother, my uncle Ben donates a handmade bow for the second prize. He has a bow making hobby.

My Dad's other brothers have some other uh...different hobbies too, but I think besides telling you that they have included such things as emus, harmonicas, and many, many boats, I'll jut let you wonder about them.


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