Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Value study of New Characters,

I teach a fith and sixth grade art class and we have been working on characters for a story. Here is my fist illustration with those characters. the guy in the back is supposed to be the protagonist but he wasn't nearly as fun to draw as the girl. Her name is Jessica Heartwell and she is planning to win the contest for the greatest invention in the world. She is not going to win but this illustration is her attempt to sabatoge her main competitor by sending the spies after him. I was trying to finish the color for IF this week but its not going to happen, Too much other stuff. You will have to put up with the value study for now. Check back I plan on posting the finished art in a couple of days.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Digital Creation

Here is my newest digital creation. I did it for a children's magizine.

Another Pencil Drawing

Here is another pencil drawing. I am really haveing fun with these lately. Eventhough I love working with color there is something refreshing about working with just value.


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