Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I realized I'm Not a Fan of Scanning...

...but here are a lot of pictures anyway. One of them is my latest watercolor a day, the rest are from my sketchbook.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wrinkles, Thirty Watercolors, and A Confession

Here are my two latest watercolors. I did them because I am working on an illustration and I thought one of the characters might be wrinkly, so I practiced painting some. It turns out the character in my picture needed to be a little younger, so I didn't get to use the wrinkles after all. Thats okay though, wrinkles are kinda fun so maybe I'll do another illustration with wrinkles soon.

So on to the Thirty watercolors and the Confession.
I have now done thirty watercolors since I committed myself to do a watercolor a day. Overall it has been a really good experience and I got some nice watercolors out of it. I also got some horrible watercolors out of it too. But I missed Monday and Tuesday. Sorry crit group, I just didn't want to work on watercolors and I spent a lot more time on other projects instead. Hope you can forgive me.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Watercolor, Watercolor, Watercolor

I think am to the sick of it stage of this watercolor a day thing. I guess I'll keep going and hopefully it will turn fun again.
Do you all ever have that problem when you working on something? Either with thumbnails or during painting? You know where you just don't want to work on it any more and then you keep going and it turns out all right after all.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sometimes I watch too Many Movies, (okay, most the time)

A lot of times I listen to Books on Tape while I draw but a lot of time I watch movies. Most days I do both. What more could you ask for in a job. Really I don't have much more to say about that except if I told you how many movies and books on tape I watch you would think me the laziest person in the world. Luckily I still get a lot of work done.

Enjoy the watercolors for this week. The first one is really a digital painting. I didn't have my watercolors that day I was in Idaho. Maybe I should buy a traveling watercolor set.

Friday, April 04, 2008

A Dragon, watercolor 21 or something like that

Here is today's watercolor. I had fun with this. I realized that one reason I don't like to add prisma to my watercolors is that the paper is just too rough. Also I don't much like watercoloring on bristol so I painted it. (first picture) scanned it and printed it onto my bristol paper and then did the prismacolor. It was fun. I think I might try something like this with some of my illustration work.

Some Watercolors

Here are some of the watercolors I did this week that I haven't posted. I have done one every day but I am not posing all of them because one of them I don't like, and another is too big for the scanner and I don't feel like scanning it in in pieces right now.
The last watercolor I am still working on so I'll post that in a bit.


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