Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wrinkles, Thirty Watercolors, and A Confession

Here are my two latest watercolors. I did them because I am working on an illustration and I thought one of the characters might be wrinkly, so I practiced painting some. It turns out the character in my picture needed to be a little younger, so I didn't get to use the wrinkles after all. Thats okay though, wrinkles are kinda fun so maybe I'll do another illustration with wrinkles soon.

So on to the Thirty watercolors and the Confession.
I have now done thirty watercolors since I committed myself to do a watercolor a day. Overall it has been a really good experience and I got some nice watercolors out of it. I also got some horrible watercolors out of it too. But I missed Monday and Tuesday. Sorry crit group, I just didn't want to work on watercolors and I spent a lot more time on other projects instead. Hope you can forgive me.


  1. Never, Manelle, never. Just kidding. This is why I would never commit to such a thing, because I would never go through with it. I am very impressed that you did all the watercolors you did. :)

  2. A random, well, maybe not random but at least non-related, question: how many times a week would you say someone approaches you with the following statement? Oh, you should paint (fill in the blank).
    Does this drive you crazy?

  3. People do ask me that sometimes but not too often. I think what drives me most crazy is when people ask me to paint something for them. That happens a lot. I usually say it will cost them a lot of money. Then they say they will hire me someday when they have it. I hope they all follow through.

  4. These are great, I especially love the top one. Just perfect. It's funny, I should be painting but all I want to do is draw in pencil.

  5. I really like your pencil drawings Eric. But I know what you mean about wanted to do one thing but feeling like you should do another.

  6. These are really beautiful watercolour portraits!



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