Thursday, December 15, 2011

Do you know where this idea came from?

Lots of time people want to know where ideas for things like art, music, writing, and the empire state building, come from.

The answer is everywhere.
But that isn't really what you want to know so... I'll tell you how I got the idea for this illustration:

It started  out with me thinking about putting more emotion in my art.

Some artists I think are brilliant at it this and I want to be better.
Pascal Campion and
James Abbott McNeill Whistler (painted "whistler's mother")
are a couple examples.

I also want to be brilliant at it, thus I was pondering on it.
(I think most ideas start with pondering about stuff)

This led me to thinking about trying to paint memories. One of the paintings I did at this time was Girl's Night Out.  Which started from a memory of my and some friends eating out for dinner.

Then one morning I got in my car and saw this:

(I may have been driving and taking pictures at the same time. But I'm fine no accidents or anything close. No worries)

And that is basically it. Snowy misty morning + thinking about memories = girls walking home from school.

And now you know where that idea came from.
The End

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