Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wizard Melwick page 17 and Reminiscing

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I was listening to The Grey King by Susan Cooper and I got to feeling a little nostalgic about some of the other books I enjoyed as a child but haven't read recently. Of course besides Susan cooper I loved Trina Schart Hyman's beautiful illustrations. I used to check out her books from the library by the bucket load and then just stare at them.

One of my other absolute favorite childhood authors is Lloyd Alexander. I found this on YouTube today and it reminded me of how much I love his books. It took me a great long time to get through the Prydain Cronicles the first time, but really loved them. After those I read everyone of his books I could get my hands on. My eighth grade Halloween costume was a Town Cat, and I remember being in college and still getting excited about new books he had coming out.

It's good to be reminded of some of these things that inspired me to create art, and books for children.

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