Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Melwick page 19

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Here is out angry king and court. He ended up looking a little like that monkey ninja from that one movie. You know the one with Jackie Chan and the kid from Sky High. But than I gave him a mustache and changed his hair color. I think he is a little better now. Poor Melwick.

On a totally different note, here is a quote that I like.

"The work of a master reeks not of the sweat of the brow – suggests no effort – and is finished from its beginning." James Abbot McNeill Whistler

Sometimes I forget why I really wanted to be an illustrator. Usually it's when I'm so worried about living (eat, sleep, pay for stuff, etc) I stop actually doing it. It's those time I get worried about the deadline and what not then don't enjoy the work. But when I get in the right mode. Work is easy fun and fast. The deadline doesn't matter. It turns out great.

That's I remember why I do it.
Normally I produce good work, (I hope) in those moments I produce great work.

What are some things you all do to get in that zone more often?

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