Wednesday, May 05, 2010

More from the Sketchbook.

I just barely finished writing a VERY interesting blog post about how my friend Stephen and I have been doing a sketch day this year and keeping tabs on each other by text to make sure we do it. I talked about how good its been to sketch more and probably said some other interesting stuff about how much I like looking at other peoples sketches on their art blogs so I wanted to post more of mine. Then my computer did a weird freaky thing that it had never done before and I had to restart and thus, I lost the text. So I suppose you don't get to know about all that. Here are some sketches.


  1. I love the tree one! You are my hero! Even your sketchbook is amazing!

  2. Sorry about the text, but the sketches are wonderful.

    Sketch day, huh. Not a bad thought. I may just steal that. I could use the recreational mental exercise.

    Be Well.

  3. Your sketches are awesome. I might even say inspiring. If only I really would sketch daily.

  4. Ah! Beautiful sketchbook pages! You have a sense of the sketchbook as it's own space, I think, rather than a repository to be crammed full of ideas. That's what I tend to do, but this is nicer.



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