Saturday, February 02, 2008

Much Ado About Nothing

This month at the Empress go check out Much Ado About Nothing. If you need something to do one night and you are in the salt lake valley this it the thing!


  1. Manelle, This is one of my favorite Shakespear plays. You did a great job executing the illustration for it. Are you going to go see it? (I hope they gave you tickets for doing the poster.)

  2. Great work Manelle! Do you have an agent? How do you find your work? Is it all local? I'm impressed with all that you're doing.

  3. Hi Manelle, I've been back and forth admiring this poster and forgeot to tell you how much I love it!

  4. Your work is beautiful and romantic. Elegant!!
    Linda Blondheim

  5. Manelle, I always love your characters. By the way, how did you get that "recent posts to cbbfi" thing on your blog? Can I do that too?



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