Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Wellll, I've been tagged. Here are five exciting things about me! (Oh Boy! let's have a drum roll...)

1. The other day my seven year old sister said, "Manelle, you have a crush...on the library." It's true. I go to the library two or three times a week.
I usually have around 27-30 things checked out at once. (the limit is 30)
I have about 7 things on hold on my card (the limit is 10) and a couple on my mom's card. From times my hold limit was reached. I have both our numbers memorized for such occasions. I also filled up my temporary list at one point. The limit on that was a hundred items now I have it down to 76 items or something. Of course if they didn't have limits on all that other stuff my list wouldn't be so full. So there you go, I have a crush on the Library.

2. One of my greatest fears in life is calling people I don't know on the phone, I get a nervous and my stomach squinches up and it's awful. The weird thing is I rather enjoy teaching a class for 30 or 40 minutes, or speaking in front of 150 people. I really think it if fun. I get a little nervous but only a little. I would rather speak in public than call strangers. Unfortunately there seems to be a lot more opportunities to telephone people then there are public speaking engagements. Weird.
On the up side, since I have to face my fear so often, calling people doesn't freak me out as much as it used to. Fears are a strange thing.

3. I have never had a cavity. I think I inherited that trait from my Dad. He didn't have any cavities until his 30's. (When I was a kid that seemed really old. Now it seems rather young. Life is like that I guess.) On the other hand I inherited a lack of teeth from my mother's side of the family. That is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I have never had wisdom teeth. Now that may mean I am not wise, but it also means I never had to get them out so there. A curse because I am also missing one front eye tooth. I wear a flipper right now. A slipper is a fake tooth that is hooked to a retainer. I have had to wear it ever since I got my braces off. This is really not too fun but is does come in useful if I ever want to squirt water through the hole, freak people out, or dress up as a witch or hill billy for Halloween. Someday I'll get a permanent tooth. When I am rich...or something.

4. Summer is my least favorite season. It is hot and dry and inside it is too cold (because of the air conditioners) and there are mosquitoes. Fall is my favorite and winter is pretty cool too. (pun intended) One good thing about summer though is the 4th of July. I really like parades and fire works. So it's not all bad.

5. Jill of all trades, master of few. Is it possible to have too many hobbies? If it is I think I might qualify as someone who does. So for your enjoyment I am posting a picture of me taking my black belt test. And a picture of me playing the guitar. I don't know why I have a funny look on my face in both pictures, oh well. You may still see them.
Here are some other things I enjoy doing, some I am better at than others:
cooking, reading, writing, sewing, swing& ballroom dancing, playing violin & piano(piano only a little), and of course Drawing!
I don't think drawing really counts as a hobby any more, since I do it for a living, but it is still really my favorite thing to do.
So as you can guess I am never really board, I even have friends still. Pretty Amazing. (that amazing bit is supposed to be sarcastic. Since you couldn't hear my tone of voice I thought I would let you know in parenthesis.)

Okay, there are my five things. Now I have to go find other people to tag. Bye!


  1. Manelle, Sometimes it scares me how much we are alike. I think it's pretty hillarious too. The Blanket thing is too funny. I'm a Jill of all trades, master of few also. Maybe we'll have to get our instruments out and jam sometime, just for fun. And I love ballroom and swing dancing if you ever want to go on a double date or something. I have a fear of calling people too, but not as bad as it used to be. Funny. *Sigh.* We should be friends or something.

    I was also going to tag you and saw that Jennifer tagged you also.

  2. That would be awesome to go on a double date swing dancing. I just need a boy. Hmmm, I sure I can find one somewhere, sometime. Then we can go.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Manelle! I share your telephone fear (I literally used to have to write myself a script to call strangers on the phone) but I'm gradually getting over that one, too. Congratulations, us! (and nice telephone drawing... love the old-fashioned look.)

  4. has been too long. I love all of your sketches and finished products. Amazing. It is fun to see all the beautiful artwork. And the thing about jack of all trades, I know what you mean...there are a lot of things I am interested in, but few that I have really mastered.



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