Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I am a Child of God

I did this illustration for the 2008 LDS Church Primary theme.Look for it on bookmarks and stickers in a Deseret Book Store near you! Or online would work too.
Happy New Year!


  1. Hey, I saw this in Deseret book and bought one. Very nice!

  2. LOVE this one!! the feelings n emotions are so well expressed... and truly each one of us is a precious child of God!
    thanx for sharing!! :o)

  3. Just discovered your blog. I love your illustrations! May I use this picture for our ward newsletter?

  4. Same - I LOVE this picture of Christ hugging two children. May I use this image on my children's goal booklet?
    Thank you - Carmen Cole

  5. I think you can use as long as its for personal/non profit use but you might want to check with the publisher. I don't remember how many rights I kept with this contract.

    They are Cedar fort in Springville Utah.



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