Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hansel and Gretel

When I am not too distracted by other projects, I have been working on a Hansel and Gretel series. Here is the first finished piece.

Also check out my new blog here. I created it for illustrators in the children's book industry, and my friend and fellow illustrator Shawna Tenney offered to help with the writing. Hopefully we'll get some really great stuff up that is valuable for all of us. I am really excited about it so check back to see what we've got for ya.


  1. Your stuff gets better and better each time I see it. I really like this one, Manelle!

    I'll be sure to check out the new blog as well.

  2. Thanks Dani. I love browsing on your blogs.

  3. This one's great Manelle. You have a great ability to create dynamic and interesting perspectives. This is something I really struggle with. Your pallett here is really interesting, great use of warms and coller tones.Is this series toward an eventual proposal or just for your self? And the new blog is great, a really good idea!

  4. Thanks Eric,
    It is a series just mostly to improve my portfolio. Also for me because it's fun. I love seeing the painting process on your blog.

  5. Thanks Manelle, would you consider doing a process demonstration? Forgive me if you've already done one.

  6. lovely mood and staging... and the innocent kids complete the picture perfect!
    (btw, not to be critical, but that "tangent" which the tree branch causes could have been avoided... at first glance, makes it look as if gretel is sitting on it)

    manelle, lovely blog you have here, and thanx so much for your visit and kind words! do keep loving and keep drawing n sharing!! :o)

  7. I really like this piece, the color contrast thingy you are doing is fresh and very interesting. I like the staging and the fireflies! Oooo.....fireflies. I agree with that comment about the tangent! It jumped out at me but other than that this piece is really nice.

  8. I really like the firefly idea but that is no what I drew. Bummer, those are the rocks they follow to get home the first night. They were always glowing rocks in my head. Maybe not in everyone else's. Oh well.
    Also I fixed the tangent but guys can't see it since I haven't scanned the picture yet.
    Thanks for all your nice comments.

  9. Oh! I love the fire fly idea!



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