Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Two Kids and a Goose

Here are some pencil drawings I recently finished. It was a lot of fun creating these characters.


  1. Manelle these are amazing! If I saw a book that looked like this I'd grab it in a second. These are my favorite drawings I've seen of yours so far.

  2. beautiful works!!

  3. Hi Manelle, Hope everything is going good, you're artwork is looking great! I was thinking about you the other day when I received a gift -a children's book called "A creature was stirring" and when I looked at the illustrations, I was like "wow, this looks like my friend Manelle's work." You might want to check it out for fun. The characters are different than yours but the way he does the pencil work (the criss cross lines) looks very similar. Just thought I'd let you know for fun! Have a great day! Jennifer Tolman

  4. Manelle,

    I love your work and these pencil sketches are soooo rich! Thank you for sharing your work. I am very inspired by the magic you are able to capture in your illustrations.

    Best of luck on IF LA exhibit! Congratulations!



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