Wednesday, July 28, 2010


A couple week ago I went to the annual Bluegrass festival and instrument competition. It was great fun and besides getting a little jamming in myself I also spent a lot of time drawing the jammers, and the mountains. Here are some of my favorite sketches.

Also here is an interview I watched today that I really loved and drew a lot of artsy insight from. :)

p.s. I really don't know how I ever got a long in life with out my pocket watercolor set.


  1. Great stuff Manelle. I love bluegrass too. My son plays the fiddle and banjo, and my daughter plays the mandolin. I'm trying to raise my own bluegrass band.

    Now you need to do a banjo playin' pig to add to the blog.

  2. I've thought about your banjo playing pigs and just haven't drawn one up for ya. Maybe soon.

    That's awesome your raising your own bluegrass band! What a great idea. :)

  3. Great sketch work, Manelle!

  4. Thanks Sam!

    Also I forgot to post the link to the interview at first but it's there now. :)

  5. These are great! Isn't drawing musicians performing the best?! Not only do you get people standing in one place yet in action, but you also get great back ground music. Fun stuff!



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