Friday, September 26, 2008

Some Paintings, Yeah!

I have been getting the itch lately to do some oil painting and so I did. I did these two pretty quick, last night and today. The first on is my sister Kezia, and the other is Kezia and Lariah (my other sister) in a field. It's been a blast I think I may go paint some more.


  1. Wow!!! Beautiful work Manelle!

  2. Is that done with real oils or in a computer? You have a nice style. Why haven't I ever seen your oil paintings before?

  3. Totally done with oils. I haven't painted with them for long long time. Since oil painting in school.

  4. Manelle- I was looking at these paintings and my daughter was on the couch looking over my shoulder. "IS THAT ME?", she asked. "No", I said. "But it looks like you."
    You are sweet to say they were inspired by me. DO you have any more going?

  5. Totally, I think I'm going to paint today during conference



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