Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Crazy Vacation! (this post complete with sketches for your viewing pleasure)

Picture this: One motor home containing two parents and seven of their children ranging from 26 (that's me) to seven years old, (don't forget the teenagers) driving from Salt Lake City, Utah to upstate New York in 12 days. Does that sound like fun to you? Well I didn't to me either, but I went anyway and it had it's pretty great moments...and I am so glad to be home.

Sorry I haven't posted for almost a month but here are some of the sketches I did on thsis crazy vacation. I had a great time with my little micron pen.

So now you've seen the sketches I think I better just tell you what they are pictures of.

Here is the story: we went to pick up my younger brother. He has been on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This means that basically he has been hanging out in upstate New York telling people about the true gospel of Jesus Christ for two years. Pretty cool!

So any way, we went to get him and on the way home we stopped at many of the major sites in our churches history, and that is what a lot of the sketches are, excepting the Niagara Falls pictures.

Hopefully I'll have some new art to post for you soon. Have a great day!


  1. These sketches are wonderful!!! It's such a good thing you didn't stay behind. I know usually when I tell my family 'you go on ahead' I spend all my time wondering what they're doing and phoning them to see when they'll be back :)

    Beautiful work!

  2. Thanks Anthony, I had a lot of fun just sketching. I hadn't done that for a while.

  3. These sketches look really nice. Sounds crowded, but that's really cool that you got to see all those church sites. Warren and I are going to Nauvoo pretty soon if all works out (no kids!!). Warren's brother is getting married there. I'm excited because I've never been east of Wyoming. I've been trying to learn some church history. Fun stuff. You've inspired me to do some sketching on my trip. See you next week??

  4. Yeah! I love next week.

  5. Thanks for sharing portions of your trip with our family. Our kids enjoyed seeing the sites better than they thought they would! It is a trip we will remember for the rest of our lives!

  6. Hi Manelle! I found your blog and think it's wonderful. Hope things are going really well for you. Take care!



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