Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Brother Milon, watercolor 1

Hi all, last night I was at my illustration critique group and we were talking about people that do a painting a day. It sounded like fun so I committed out loud to do it. So here is the deal. I am going to do a watercolor a day (except Sunday) from now until my next critique group which is on May 14th. There we go, now I am double committed. Second to you guys out in cyberspace, and first to my critique group.

Alright then here is my first painting. It is a picture of my brother Milon. He is in junior hight but he does online school every other day. So he was home and sitting by a window, and I painted him. It took 12 minutes.


  1. Anonymous9:32 AM

    well good job in making a commitment to do a painting a day. It looks like there is a good drawing under there. Colors a bit muddy, but I've always suffer from muddy colors.

  2. Anonymous4:30 AM

    This is beautiful start to your project - good luck!



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