Tuesday, September 26, 2006


So I decided that blogs are fun and here I am.
Do you ever have those times when you start reading just before you go to bed and then you know it was a bad idea because even though Logic Man tells you to stop, Adventure Man is just stronger (he obviously works out more) and you can't put it down and then before you know it it is extrememly late and you know when the alarm goes off you are going to curse Adventure Man (he is also the sleeping in type) as you drag yourself in to the bathroom to brush your teeth.
Yeah, well I have if you haven't then you just really need to find a book to really like. Of course maybe adventure man can appear in other forms too and lets face it logic man often loses. Life is just more fun when Adventure Man is around.
Not that Logic Man is absent he is tough enough to keep the other guys in check enough to keep me out of trouble too often. the dude that gets me most in trouble has got to be called Fly Off The Handle and Insult Someone Man. He is sassy and not too nice. I think Logic man is in charge more than him but every once and a while. . .

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